BLM supporters melt down after Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse spotted LEGALLY drinking beer at a Wisconsin bar

Accused teen murderer Kyle Rittenhouse has again triggered left-wing activists into fits of rage, this time by legally drinking a beer with his parents at a Wisconsin bar and wearing a T-shirt declaring that he's “free as f***.” Read Full Article at

I use to really love Matt Bors. He was a great cartoonist, pulled zero punches in the Obama years. But these past four years he's become super unhinged. I stay on his mailing list because I always want to see what all sides think. It's hard to read his comics today though.

But he still wrote the brilliant War is Boring with David Axe. I remember him as the toonist he was, not .. whatever the fuck this is..

People are making the claim that Parler is a "Nazi" platform. Does that make Twitter a pedophile platform? 🤔

If you resort to name calling or labeling the person, you've lost the argument.

Sorry, if you are going to label someone as a "Nazi" or "racist", you better have some good evidence or a good argument to back up the claim. Taking statements out of context is not going to cut it chief.

This is a must see > the plandemic agenda and wait until the 3 min mark when you hear billgates predicting the next one #2 will get their attention

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