@NullWhereMan zeronet is a fantastic idea, but if you click on some unsavory material by accident(Chris Henson type of material), you are now hosting it as it works basically the same as bit-torrent. I stopped using it due to that very thing.

@TheCzar It's not perfect, but there are not really any "ready" solutions. I would say it is the best thing we might have at the moment and that is the only reason I brought it up. You do have the option of subscribing to blacklists or putting it behind something as a precaution.

@TheCzar @NullWhereMan It is very easy to delete files hosted on your device by ZN, and if you find a site or user of a site that is posting unsavory material it is trivial to blacklist them from your device meaning that all files downloaded from them will be deleted and everything posted by them will never be downloaded or seen by you. I will admit though, it is one place with a shockingly high amount of unsavory materials, although in my experience it usually stays confined to zites dedicated to it, and those zites tend not to hide it either.
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