‪The culture around has always been about inclusiveness, a place where no one cared about your background. The movement trying to mirror US identity politics is creating a toxic culture. People in the community should focus on Free Software issues and mentoring.‬

‪Identity politics have no business in Free Software. The Free Software movement was more inclusive long before RMS was pushed out. The people using the 0.001% of cases to push this toxic narrative are killing the movement.

@IBM what is the utility of a metal straw for an adult? Am I not capable of making the choice of using a metal or plastic straw on my own?

The Software Freedom Conservancy Does Not and Cannot Speak for the Free Software Movement bobcall.me/conservancy.html

@dthompson why is it not justifiable to ask for creditable proof for the claims being made? Throughout this whole shit show, people have been using examples that have nothing to do with the claim being made, are a non-issue or are examples of the politically correct gone a muck.

@gmcgath yes and I have sadly been in the front seat. Holding a grudge is no excuse for unprofessional conduct and slandering RMS. There were better ways to get RMS to transition away from the FSF and GNU; this was not it. sfconservancy.org/news/2019/se

It is quite telling that we now live in a time where we are no longer free to express ideas or grow as individuals. The regressive social mob paves a path of destruction and will never create.

The Price of Domestic Just In Time Manufacturing

Hardware is hard, manufacturing only happens in China, accurate pricing is a dark art. Facts which are Known To Be True. And all things which can be hard to conquer as an independent hardware company, esp… hackaday.com/2019/09/29/the-pr

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

@fdroidorg Based upon your logic, why have you not banned / removed Chanu? I would say there is more "hate speech" on 4chan than Gab.

If @fdroidorg wants to ban clients that promote "free speech", why have they not banned Chanu? I would say that there is more "hate speech" on 4chan than Gab.

@soapdog "While we Blink, we loose the Web" : We lost the web because Mozilla chose to throw user freedom and privacy out the window. Studies (malware), Pocket (srv. still non-free), EME, Ministry of Truth and forced telemetry are reasons why I don't trust Mozilla. There are no good alternatives and have not been for at least 5+ years.

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