@TheCzar It's not perfect, but there are not really any "ready" solutions. I would say it is the best thing we might have at the moment and that is the only reason I brought it up. You do have the option of subscribing to blacklists or putting it behind something as a precaution.

@FortyTwo I’ve been warning people about this for a long time. In 2016, they were trying to form the “Ministry of Truth” and was going to use Pocket for integration. Every time I spoke out about the crappy things that did, I was alway called a nut or “MoZiLlA CaN Do No WrOnG”

BLM supporters melt down after Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse spotted LEGALLY drinking beer at a Wisconsin bar

Accused teen murderer Kyle Rittenhouse has again triggered left-wing activists into fits of rage, this time by legally drinking a beer with his parents at a Wisconsin bar and wearing a T-shirt declaring that he's “free as f***.” Read Full Article at RT.com


I use to really love Matt Bors. He was a great cartoonist, pulled zero punches in the Obama years. But these past four years he's become super unhinged. I stay on his mailing list because I always want to see what all sides think. It's hard to read his comics today though.

But he still wrote the brilliant War is Boring with David Axe. I remember him as the toonist he was, not .. whatever the fuck this is..

People are making the claim that Parler is a "Nazi" platform. Does that make Twitter a pedophile platform? 🤔

If you resort to name calling or labeling the person, you've lost the argument.

Sorry, if you are going to label someone as a "Nazi" or "racist", you better have some good evidence or a good argument to back up the claim. Taking statements out of context is not going to cut it chief.

Is that really your argument? Are you really arguing this without any bit of proof. You just regurgitate the "Nazi" label and undermine the seriousness of that label. Many people died as a result of this and crying wolf is not helping things.

@thomasfuchs That's not the point of the censorship debate. It's about the fact that sentiments like this have fueled the festering of unpopular opinions / speech because they can't be debated out in the open.
It also does not help when you are helping to water down serious labels because you apply it to anything you disagree with or because you are not willing to listen. Many of us are not willing to listen anymore when you employ the usage of these labels.

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