Why do so many people ride “on” an airplane? From my experience, it is much more pleasant, and safer, to ride inside of the aircraft.

cleaned up a lot of silkscreen and added most missing 3d models. so this is pretty close to what the first test version of the MNT Reform 2 motherboard will look like.

If @fdroidorg wants to ban clients that promote "free speech", why have they not banned Chanu? I would say that there is more "hate speech" on 4chan than Gab.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the first #CopyleftConf a success; the #FOSDEM video team, speakers, volunteers and of course, attendees!! Please let us know what we can do to make next year even better.

Don't trust "open source" projects with Contributor License Agreements, they are effectively not open source/free software at all and cannot be trusted or forked in productive ways that eliminate corporate control. (glares at Microsoft with VSCode and Azure)

-libre 4.20 is now available in my APT repository, compiled for 9 different CPU architectures: jxself.org/linux-libre/

Holiday Deliveries:
Freedo and the gnu in a sleigh being pulled by the Libreboot deer delivering software freedom to the people of the world. Happy holidays. Source: jxself.org/git/?p=freedo.git (License: GFDL-1.3-or-later)

Always make sure there is continuity between the metal pad and the alligator clip. I bought a bad batch a few weeks ago that looked like the pic.

Can't you filter your mail? I do to make things a bit easier.

Did the size of the carton change or are they putting less orange juice in it?

Happy anniversary to linux-libre-firmware (a repository that contains free firmware for use with GNU Linux-libre). The first commit was 1 year ago today. jxself.org/git/?p=linux-libre-

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