One of the faucets in the house needs to be replaced. How important is it that all of the fixtures match? Currently everything matches throughout the house, which like, but my roommates say doesn't matter.

Colin had vet appt. Kidney numbers are worse. Probably has 25% function left, if that. Vet say it's enough with help. IV increased to 100cc/day; special food will continue; to make it easier by producing less waste to filter. This continues indefinitely. No regaining lost kidney function; all about maintaining but even with this, it could still deteriorate. For now Colin's stable. Might have 6 months to live or 6 years; there's no way to know. I'll try to enjoy whatever amount of time's left.

My cat has taken residence on my desk, in between the keyboard and screen.

Or: Use git. Put what you write into a git repository, with a hook on the server that runs Jekyll and generates the site when you invoke git push?

Jason Self boosted is a good word to refer antivaxxers and the likes to, thanks
just like tobacco industry developed and learned much of the science of dispelling truths and instilling lies, a textbook case for the science named agnotology, others have come to exploit for profit such techniques to get people to doubt actual science over rumors, at their own peril. the technique is developed to the point that believers in the contradictory claims become blind to the contradictions, and believe it's those who can see the contradictions are the actual victims of manipulation, rather than themselves

I propose that we immediately deploy the newly created cybernetic soldiers.

Hello and how are you doing, people of the fediverse?

On my way to the 2nd Ave Deli for some tasty food.

I convinced a drunk guy that he's actually a cybernetic martian trapped in a human body.

Continuing to monitor Colin. He still won't eat or drink, so in addition to the meds for his kidney now he's getting an IV of nutrients, fluids and anti nausea meds to stop the vomiting.

Colin is still vomiting and also not eating. The vet wants me to bring him back so I am getting ready to do that.

Eat one of the bananas I mentioned. The cat came over as sort of a "what are you doing?"-type of a thing. Snifffed the banana and then backed away with this horrible face as if to say "oh that's foul!" I guess cats don't like bananas, or at least not this cat.

I need to hurry up and eat the bananas because they're starting to get spots on them.

This is Seattle entering 2022: They normally shoot fireworks from the Space Needle each year. Now special effects were added with CGI, so if you were watching in person you don't get to see everything.

I picked up Colin from the vet today. His kidneys are not functioning like they should. He will be on medication and special food.

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