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Excellent talk by Andrew Bartlett "Samba 2020: Why are we still in the 1980s for authentication?" at #lca2020, ended with a thank you to @conservancy and a plea for folks to donate in the end of the fundraising drive!

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Sigh. DRM is difficult to fight against, but it's the knot that needs to unravel for the cause of software freedom.

Most people don't care & end up supporting it. If we pay to see what everyone's talking about, we get counted as supporting it. If we don't pay & instead "pirate" it, worse they'll turn around and say "see, this is why we need DRM!".

What we really need to do is support artists to say "see, DRM is totally unnecessary to make a profit" by supporting indie artists.


What year is it? It turns out that Barbara Walters has been telling us all along: jxself.org/what_year_is_it.web

I'm afraid you'll just have to imagine fireworks shooting off from the Space Needle in coordination with the lights and music.

Seattle enters 2020: jxself.org/New_Years_at_the_Ne
Sadly, the windy weather made it unsafe to shoot off the fireworks that were set up to go along with the light display.
Happy new year.

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I chose not to submit a talk this year because I'm too busy, but I'm still planning to attend #LibrePlanet2020. I'm excited for the extra social time that I'll have---the previous four years I've confined myself to rehearsing talks in my hotel room.

If you're planning on attending, please lmk. If not, then please consider! FSF Associate Members are not charged for admission, and the FSF offers a travel fund to help those who may not otherwise be able to attend.


Happy new year to people in the ACST time zone, consisting of places like Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Airline ticket obtained for the trip to LibrePlanet in March.

Merry Grav-Mass everyone! Remember, Gravitation is a well-established scientific theory, but Intelligent Falling is just religion pretending to be science.


There was a lot of flying for work this year and I achieved Silver Medallion status for 2020 on Delta.

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It's time! #CopyleftConf tickets are available. $200 for professional and $20 for individuals (eg. students, unemployed/underemployed folks, charity employees, etc.) We have a larger-than-last-year limited number of tickets, so don't wait *too* long. sfconservancy.org/blog/2019/de

Saw this. Maybe it could make a good movie about the future. Instead of Planet Of The Apes it's Planet Of The Crows?

We're cleared to reenter the building. That seems enough excitement for the morning.

There's a voice coming out of a box on the wall. I can see smoke and hear fire trucks arriving. Perhaps there's something to this. I shall take your advice, little box.

Even though they're all pronounced the same, don't forget that "they're", "there" and "their" are different things:

"They're putting their jackets over there."

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Do you want to see free software grow and alternatives to proprietary software thrive? We're your people! New Supporters will get their donations tripled by a generous existing donor. Check it out! sfconservancy.org/supporter/

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Just made my annual donation to the Free Software Foundation. Please consider giving as well!


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