A friend of mine received their POWER9 Blackbird motherboard from Raptor Computing. It took 2 months before they shipped it, despite their website saying it's in "Full Production." I look forward to hearing their stories and experiences about it.

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#GNU #Linux-libre 5.2.9-gnu, 4.19.67-gnu, and 4.14.139-gnu source tarballs and patches are now available
#Freed-ora 5.2.8-gnu rpms for f30 are now available as stable updates

I have to say that setting up a RAM disk (using tmpfs) in order to do all of the kernel compiling completely in RAM on my librebooted Asus KGPE-D16 didn't speed up compiling as much as I had expected it would have. It takes about 15 minutes to build 1 kernel package with make -j32. I was predicting about half that.

As a left-handed person it takes care to write without either smearing on either the paper, my hand, or both. Plus, the world is filled with lots of objects useful only to right-handed people. Like scissors. Lefty scissors are impossible to find when you need them. As a child I had to teach myself to use right-handed scissors rather than struggling with backwards scissors that didn't cut properly. They still feel backwards. Oh, the pains that right-handed people will never know...

I'm not sure anyone's noticed the easter egg hidden in my Linux-libre kernel builds. If they have no one's said anything.

Trisquel's default browser is wonderfully named: Abrowser. Thanks, @rubenquidam If only everything else were so generic: Ashell, Akernel, Adistro, etc.

Since the ARPANET is 50 years old this year I decided to spend some time reading about the design. It supports a maximum of 256 hosts. That should be enough for the entire planet, right?

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If you're new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, you may be looking for ways to connect with people.

Here are some suggestions:

✅ Do a post telling the world a little bit about yourself with the hashtag #Introductions

✅ Visit the opt-in community directory Trunk to find people to follow, it's organised by topic:


✅ Use hashtags! These are the only way to search the fediverse, so they make your posts much easier to discover.

More #MastoTips:

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#GNU #Linux-libre 4.9.189-gnu and 4.4.189-gnu source tarballs and patches are now available

Good morning, people of the internet. The cat alarm clock has woken me up once again. It's like she's saying "Are you awake yet? Haven't you slept enough enough yet? I need attention!"

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"Please Use The Office Door"

This window is right at street level. I wonder if they have such a problem with people coming in through the window, that they needed to put a sign on it saying to use the door?

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#GNU #Linux-libre 5.2.8-gnu, 4.19.66-gnu, and 4.14.138-gnu source tarballs and patches, and #Freesh .debs are now available
#Freed-ora 5.2.7-gnu rpms for f29 and f30 are now available for testing; 5.2.6-gnu ones for f30 are now stable updates

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the ARPANET.

My Linux-libre kernel packages for 32- and 64-bit x86 now support UEFI Secure Boot. More information is available on jxself.org/secure-boot.shtml

While walking to work I saw a pigeon on the sidewalk pecking away at some vomit, eating. Gross.

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#GNU #Linux-libre 5.2.7-gnu, 4.19.65-gnu, 4.14.137-gnu, 4.9.188-gnu, and 4.4.188-gnu source tarballs and patches, and #Freesh .debs are now available
#Freed-ora 5.2.5-gnu rpms for f30 and 5.1.21-gnu ones for f29 are now available as stable updates

It's so quiet that, sitting here, I can hear the tinnitus.

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#GNU #Linux-libre 5.2.6-gnu, 4.19.64-gnu, 4.14.136-gnu, 4.9.187-gnu, and 4.4.187-gnu source tarballs and patches, and #Freesh .debs are now available

Wow, I used an AI and it came up with this. Seems deep. And dark. "The afterlife is a peaceful place for all and can be reached by the living, with effort. It does not feel overwhelming or frightening, as one might expect when one steps into it. Truly, there is a lot to think about, as there are many things that can go wrong that will lead to the inevitable that we never foresee. But all of this is ultimately a part of living life -- and our own deaths should be no different."

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