Working in the kitchen today, making tasty things.

Freshly-baked GNU Linux-libre 5.14.4-gnu, 5.13.17-gnu1, 5.10.65-gnu1, and 5.4.146-gnu1 are now available in my APT repository. Enjoy!

I've noticed it's getting colder at night so I got the big heavy blanket out of the closet. This seems to be the cat's favorite, as he spends time laying, purring, and kneading on it.

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Part of our core mission is to advance policies that promote the progress of free software. Copyright handling is just one of the things we do at the FSF, this article explains a little more about the process:

Invoking Make in the process of compiling Make feels very recursive.

"Oh, you like to play with that straw? OK." Sometimes it doesn't take much to keep your cat entertained.

Sadly my IRC logs from back then have been lost due to an accidental deletion, but my memory is that my Linux-libre APT repository got started 10 years ago today when one of the sysadmins at the FSF was wishing for pre-compiled Linux-libre kernels available for easy installation. It may have been @codewiz ?

Exactly ten years ago today on September 12 2011 Alexandre Oliva (the maintainer of Linux-libre) posted the announcement that my APT repository for Linux-libre was available, saying "Jason Self's Freesh apt repository carries binary .debs for 32- and 64-bit x86 systems, and support for more architectures is planned. Thanks!" It was named Freesh as the intention is to always serve up freshly-baked kernels that respect your freedom. It has since expanded to twelve supported CPU architectures.

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.oO let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of #Freesh, the .deb distribution of #GNU #Linux-libre for multiple architectures maintained by Jason Self. please join me in thanking Jason for his tireless work for Free Software

It's good to see woman in computing. This is Professor Barbara Liskov. If my research is correct, 1 of only 2 women to receive the Turing Award in the 55 years it has existed: Please support things like Outreachy to help change this:

Reading a thing about automated grocery stores in rural Sweden. There's no cashier and you need an app on a phone, all of which is probably proprietary, in order to be able to buy groceries. Sounds awful.

It appears that this will be a sad day in history.

The cat is sitting at the window, intently watching a fly that keeps bumping in to the closed window trying to get out. Every now and again he meows in the direction of the fly and, when the fly comes close enough, he tries to catch it. Not successful yet.

Given that some GNU/Linux distros have dropped/are dropping 32-bit support citing a lack of popularity I've received some questions about the future of my 32-bit x86 kernel builds so I thought I'd answer by putting out something public:

Each week I usually build 101 kernel packages to go into my APT repository for Linux-libre (see This comes from building all supported kernel versions across all supported architectures. This number doesn't include the packages built for testing before the actual releases happen. I have setup 2 more machines to help with kernel compiling, for a total of 4, and can now do the equivalent of make -j128 across the 4 machines.

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.oO coming soon to the nearest tech dystopia:
apple will report iPhone users' mentions of pregnancy interruptions to the police
it shouldn't be able to; your device should serve you, the user
only freedom-respecting software can deliver believable privacy

I enjoyed reading this article about the CLU ("clue") programming language.
It seems there's so much fun that could be had with such a name. Get a CLU! :)

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The latest round of kernel updates from GNU Linux-libre (5.14.1-gnu, 5.13.14-gnu1, 5.10.62-gnu1, 5.4.144-gnu1, 4.19.206-gnu1, 4.14.246-gnu1, 4.9.282-gnu1, 4.4.283-gnu1) are now available in my APT repository for 10 different architectures - Enjoy.

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