To those that like to put ketchup on everything, do you do it recursively by putting ketchup on your ketchup?

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At the FSF office, preparing to go out to Pearson to protest for education, and against books that spy on students and disappear
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Actually, trying to clarify a potential misinterpretation may have opened up another.

To be clear: I continue to support the FSF, and I respect the opinions of the GNU maintainers who signed the statement. And to those who support rms: please note that he has called for people to support the FSF as well.
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I'm deeply disturbed and disappointed by the hatred, bigotry, and tribalism I've observed from certain groups over the past number of weeks.

The free software community should know better than most that people have differences in opinion---we fight for freedoms many people don't even see as something worth fighting for. Every day is a brutal, uphill struggle against forces many times more powerful than we are. But we persist, undeterred.

Yet many can't handle differences of opinion within our own community?

People are upset. But if your posts feel like you're waging war, please take a step back and consider what you're doing. I don't care what side you are on, or what position you hold---if you spew intolerance, then I condemn your words even if I'd otherwise support your cause. Think of what example you're setting for future advocates and activists looking to join us in our cause.

And, since this statement could be easily misinterpreted as supporting those I'm speaking out against: the FSF is not the enemy. A collective of GNU maintainers are not the enemy. In fact, if you see any "enemy" in any of this, I urge you to take a deep breath and step away for a bit.

One useful strategy is to write what upsets you, but don't send it. Sit on it for hours, maybe even a day. Return to it when you're calm. I've deleted or re-written countless messages doing this.

I learned there are multiple consulates nearby. Can I go there and request asylum from Trump? :)

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.oO today is Oct 4, anniversary of the @FSF. may we hold 5 minutes of silence to introspect and ponder on what brought us here, where we're still heading and how to get there [5 minutes elapse] and now, back to fighting for freedom for all software users
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If anyone has been fooled by Microsoft's widely trumpeted "love" for Linux and Free and Open Source Software (#FOSS)... I encourage you to watch this German-made investigative documentary and consider which view you think is more credible:

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I have been collecting freely-licensed text-based games and have a bit of them in the Games section of

I wrote a small thing to grab random words out of the dictionary file on this computer and played a game with myself to make a sentence out of them. It's been fun. The only rule is you have to use all of the words.

It seems to have revealed strange things happening in the world. Like: the coffee and fork are taking a taxi to the tram at sunset.

Also, that the judge played hardware bingo under the carousel with a frog and won. The reward was the icon of a bottle.

Strange mental images indeed.

I can't seem to stop petting the cat. Whenever I do he pushes his head into my hand to continue, as if to say "more please."

I have found that I really agree with the ethical and social issues that RMS brings up in his talks about free software. I've renewed my FSF membership with $1,000 ($500 from me and $500 as an employer match.) I really like that I can donate to the FSF and my employer will match it. I sent an email to the FSF saying my expectation is that they will stay true to the way RMS has led it over these years. I intend to continue to be supportive of the FSF for as long as that remains true.

I had a dream last night where some employees at Activision got together and were able to make all of the old Infocom games be free software. (Activision bought a company called Infocom in 1986; Infocom had made some classic games like Zork.)

Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

Goodbye, Aron Eisenberg. This makes me want to go watch some episode of Nog. RIP.

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#GNU #Linux-libre 5.3.1-gnu, 5.2.17-gnu, 4.19.75-gnu, 4.14.146-gnu, 4.9.194-gnu, and 4.4.194-gnu source tarballs and patches, and #Freesh .debs are now available
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One! One google account deleted...

Two! TWO google accounts deleted...

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh.... πŸŒ©πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ›ˆ

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