Freedo, the mascot of Linux-libre, takes a vacation. Happy holidays.

(License: GFDL-1.3-or-later)

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#GNU #Linux-libre 4.19.5-gnu, 4.14.84-gnu, 4.9.141-gnu, 4.4.165-gnu, and 3.18.127-gnu source tarballs and patches are now available

There's a ! in the shell script's `if then`. I didn't even notice it. No wonder I'm having problems, since it's trying to match when the condition's **not** true. D'Oh!

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I endorse software freedom.

I do it by using software which is released under GPL licenses and other compatible ones.

I enjoy getting all kinds of work done every day without locking myself into proprietary formats or locked down code.

I don't bemoan that I am not able to write such powerful tools.

I celebrate that others care enough to make them and react when I point out a problem.

More than #opensource

I've been experimenting with conlanging. It seems fun. And so, using my conglang, I say: hukahan kakwa

Happy anniversary to linux-libre-firmware (a repository that contains free firmware for use with GNU Linux-libre). The first commit was 1 year ago today.

I've started building Linux-libre kernel packages for RISC-V,
starting with version 4.19.1:

Information about using the repository can be found at

Turned the heater on for the first time this season.

-libre 4.18.11-gnu, 4.14.73-gnu, 4.9.130-gnu, and 4.4.159-gnu is now available in my APT repository.

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.oO thanks to xkcd, I learned about how Stanislav Petrov saved the world from an accidental thermonuclear war, and then I realized RMS launched #GNU the day after that. had he know (I doubt he did then) he might have said: let's make GNU, not nukes

I bought a package of cheddar cheese sticks at the store. They're tasty.

Not only did Linus Torvals take time off to try to improve things he now describes the community as "a morass of nastiness".
To the BBC:

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.oO today is the day! picture Marilyn Monroe singing "happy birthday to #GNU" for its 35th anniversary!
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The boy cat is so polite. When I'm sitting at my desk using the computer and he wants to sit on my lap he'll stand on his hind legs and use one of his front paws to do a double-tap on my arm or side to get my attention. Then he waits for me to move the chair around to make room, rather than just jumping onto me (or the desk) without warning.

New system hostname: rochester. It's an x60 from eBay. Continuing the tradition of naming my computers after cities, the box says it was shipped from there so that's the name.

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We hope the recent news helps people in the community take heart that *change is possible* bc there are some truly inspiring people here fighting the good fight w/@Outreachy πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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