the switch to AGPL made me wonder, too, since that's designed for network services

I have a former student interested in DAWs. I'll have to make sure they're aware of this.



@deejoe @alextee@mastodon.art @robert When things like RollApp exist (who say that they can take any app -- absolutely any at all -- and turn it into a web app) like rollapp.com/app/gimp then it seems pointless to make a distinction between network & non-network if any can be either. Plus: The GPLv3 was originally going to have the Affero clause in it anyway so using the AGPLv3 is like using what the GPLv3 was originally going to be anyway.

does that cover mobile phone apps as well?
is that (rollapp) implemented with published Free Software?

@lxoliva From what I can tell, what runs on RollApp's servers is entirely proprietary. For phone things I see that they have Android Studio so one could write Android things "in the cloud." I'm not sure about running them.

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