I'd like to translate a GPLed program that's written in to . I don't speak Spanish though. I wonder if there is anyone out there that would be interested in it? No programming experience required. Please boost around the .

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@jxself @Roboron I asked the author on your purpose to find someone who can translate it, he is interested.

@Roboron If interested please let me know. I can organize things in such a way to make it easy.

@jxself I'm sorry, but that isn't the kind of software I am used to translate, I wouldn't do a good job :/

@Roboron I suspect that it's not common for many people. That's why I'd be happy to help in whatever way to pull it off. Like boil away everything else and just leave the text strings themselves for example. Or whatever. I'm trying to make it easy to work with.

@edgardiuni Reading a text file containing the Spanish sentences and writing the English translations. I'd try to to make it as easy as possible.

Is ok, I can help you tomorrow :) tell me how we can connect

@edgardiuni Thank you. Ideally send an email to I'm currently travelling though and won't be home until Monday.

@JordiGH Yes. Feel free to email me if you're interested.

I don't have much free time and my english is not very good, but if I can help in any way I'll be happy to do so! (I'm the original author).

In any way, most of the text is taken directly from Andersen's original story. It may be useful to keep this in mind:

@lisaso Thank you. I'd be happy to work with you. Email is best for me if you're able to do so; and we can try to hash things out?

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