I like my GNU/Linux distros to be boring and uneventful. Specifically: Releases that happen at 2 - 5 year intervals and where package version numbers are frozen in time on release. This lets me work on the things I want to work on and not spending my time on fixing the distro. Can't remember where I heard this one: "The bleeding edge is stained by the blood of the users."

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@jxself I migrated from Manjaro to Linux Mint a few weeks ago after years of use for just this reason. The nail in the coffin for me was every few boots, the desktop environment would just outright refuse to load. I'm sure it could be fixed, just like when I did it last year and it stopped for a few months, but not a game for me anymore.

@jxself That's a reasonable approach to take, but don't forget that distros need people to help with testing so that they can get to that point of stability :)

@jxself I like to bleed! Using Debian unstable 😃 I was looking for a apt based rolling release distro and found it

@Roxxor Although Debian unstable is not really "rolling" per se. As it gets closer to release time ever deeper package freezes will happen until the next release.

@jxself I can understand your point of view, but that the release of Trisquel 9 is still not happening makes me sad.

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