No. Despite the misinformation, the COVID-19 vaccines will not turn you into a drug addict, make you sterile, give you a permanent smile, create birth defects in your off-spring, turn you into a mindless ravaging beast, make you trackable by drones, cause you to sing show tunes, make you grow an extra limb, destroy your mind, turn you a vampire, or cause any of the other hundred myths that are in circulation.

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That sucks . ]
I guess I gotta someone in the biohacker world for one which Looks like i'll have to implant like 10 magnets in my fingertips now,.
Do you know anyone with a 3D Bio-Printer who doesn't mind printing a few NovaVax

@jxself permanent smile? i haven't heard that one before. sounds cringe as hell.

don't forget to tell people to get booster shots too. the vaccines wear off and you need booster shots every year

I'm starting a vaccine company and I will hire people to0 reverse engineer all of the proprietary ones and add MDMA in a nasal spray vaccine.

Since as a vaccine corporation I have no liability a d can't be sued.
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