Trump's social network (Truth Social) is now open source due to pressure from the maintainers of Mastodon.

I have now mirrored the code on Codeberg and GitHub to keep track of changes, ease public examination, and ensure a copy stays public.

I have also generated a basic diff between Mastodon v3.4.1 and Truth Social's latest code.

#TruthSocial #mastodev


@josias That seems to be "a" version. Do they have a process setup to share updated versions as they make changes in what they run or will they just fall back out of compliance again when the provided source code no longer matches?

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@jxself I'm guessing they'll just fall out of compliance again. That's what Gab ended up doing after deciding to only release the compressed source rather than work in public.

Fortunately, it will be easy to remind them and for them to just put the latest code up.

Of course, this is all speculation.

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