One of my two cats, Tasha, died today April 5 as her battle with kidney failure came to an end. She was at least 20 years old and had a good life, insisting on sleeping with me every night. Goodbye, Tasha. I'll miss you.

This is a picture of the cat in question sitting inside the cat condo.


There's a voice coming out of a box on the wall. I can see smoke and hear fire trucks arriving. Perhaps there's something to this. I shall take your advice, little box.

Green tea kit kats from a trip to Japan. I had no idea these existed.

"Please Use The Office Door"

This window is right at street level. I wonder if they have such a problem with people coming in through the window, that they needed to put a sign on it saying to use the door?

"Front Wheel Here." Just in case you didn't know where the front wheel was.

Holiday Deliveries:
Freedo and the gnu in a sleigh being pulled by the Libreboot deer delivering software freedom to the people of the world. Happy holidays. Source: (License: GFDL-1.3-or-later)

Freedo, the mascot of Linux-libre, takes a vacation. Happy holidays.

(License: GFDL-1.3-or-later)

Found fruit loop donuts. While they smell like fruit loops the similarity ends there - not really a strong fruit loop taste.

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