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Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Fedora Linux 34 with GNOME 40 Officially Released :: Renters Paying Bitcoin To Landlords Grows :: Do Those Scammed On Telegram Deserve What They Get For Being Stupid And Greedy? Cryptocurrency Scam :: SEC Chair Finally Admits Bitcoin […]

Tune in at 5PM eastern for another live episode of Freedom Decrypted. A few of the stories coming up we'll be covering on todays episode of Freedom Decrypted: Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34 released, first bank begins selling Bitcoin, filming cops is a crime in Australia, and the FBI doesn't think it needs a warrant to search you.

Show One Hundred And Seventeen
Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Ninth Circuit Lifts Ban On 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints :: Crypto6’s Ian Freeman’s Legal Response To Government Persecution And Attempt To Keep Him Caged Before Trial :: Hit Peace On FTL & Freedom Decrypted Co-Host ‘Nobody’, And By Association […]

Tune in and check out another live episode of Freedom Decrypted. Streaming in 5pm eastern today. We're going to be covering: Ian's response to the government's objection to bail, and NH reporter hitpeace on Nobody. How safe are hardware wallets? The IRS is coming for your crypto even if it's protected by a hardware wallet and the EU adopts rules on one-hour takedowns for terrorist content. Court rules distributing semiautomatic 3D printed gun plans total legal!

Show One Hundred And Sixteen
Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. FreeBSD 13.0 & Ubuntu 21.04 Released :: Turkey Just Outlawed Bitcoin :: Debian Community Refuses To Give In To Left Wing Extremists Over Demands To Remove Richard Stallman After Return To Board :: The Postal Service Is Running […]

Tune in for another episode of Freedom Decrypted airing now! (A few min late actually). And find out whats happening with the Crypto6's Ian Freeman case. Also we got video of the literal cage Ian is being held in! It literally is a cage you'd put a dog in. Also Turkey just banned Bitcoin! Linux just banned the University of Minnesota. What's going on with that? See for the live stream and back archive of older shows.

Moving to the shire for greater freedom was the best decision of my life 2nd to my partner. Pho Keene Crypto! ie Today's crypto meet up was at Pho Keene Great! One of dozens of places in the area that take crypto not including places and businesses that don't have some sort of brick and mortar front. Thanks to all those who came before including participants in the Free State Project. ie A migration movement focused on gaining enough liberty minded people in one place to achieve actual freedom.

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This is what happens when the FBI wants you taken out for spreading the message of freedom. Everyone loves freedom needs to get off their bum and join with other like minded liberty activists in New Hampshire if we ever hope to find resolution to this scary draconian hell hole we all live in. NH isn't free, but spread out and alone we all fail. Together we have a chance in hell.

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In case you missed it, with the FTL Youtube channel on its second strike and likely to be permanently deleted in a few weeks, we are now streaming to Aria's Youtube. You can find it here:

Show One Hundred And Fifteen
Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. GNOME 40 Released :: What Happens When You Turn The Tables On A FBI Agent Surveilling Your Home? Well… Tune In To Find Out About My FBI Confrontation :: Crypto6 Ian Freeman Denied Bail: Poses Serious ‘Risk Of […]

Tune into Freedom Decrypted for live show now! 5PM eastern. We are covering a hearing where a judge ruled one of the Crypto 6, Ian Freeman, get this, poses serious risk of flight if released! He does not. And now the leading dectralized replacement for YouTube is under attack by the SEC. Another free stater led endeavor. Is the government conspiring to take out the movement?

Today I caught an undercover FBI agent conducting surveillance of my house. Initially the guy was somewhat discretely parked across the street in a closed parking lot. This provided a clear line of sight. Initially I was merely curious as circumstances being what they are we’ve been tailed a couple of times due to the Crypto6 raid. After a brief incident with the man I ran my errands. Less than 5 min. in I notice a car tailing me. Watch the video to find out how it ends.

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Instead of wasting time with this BS, maybe #GCC could focus on making a compiler that is suitable for production use. When a project becomes focused on throwing people under the bus instead of creating the best tools for people to use, it's time to jump ship. If any #GNU developers are unhappy with the way things are, they are more than free to fork and walk away instead of wasting everyone's time.

All of this BS around RMS and other "canceled" individuals *does not matter*. Sure, #RMS can be a cunt but those calling for people to be "canceled" are cunts in the same vain. To those SJWs who claim to be saving the world : want to know what would help the Free Software movement? Software that fucking works! This masturbatory BS is why we no longer have a usable kernel, browser and userland. Instead of being sexist, bigoted and racist maybe it would be best to stop focusing on traits / labels and more on what individuals bring to the table; bonus points if you help mentor someone instead of being a dick.;a=commit;h=dc61fd633178bb66ebb0cba5783cd81ada84b813

Check out my my first blog post on the Free Keene blog containing video of FBI raid on the Bitcoin Embassy in Keene NH, Free Talk Live studio, and the Mighty Moose Mart:

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Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Keene New Hampshire Bitcoin Embassy Raid Video :: Mighty Moose Mart Raid Video :: Activists Protest City Of Keene’s Police Involvement Of Raids And Arrests Pertaining To The ‘Crypto Six’ :: ‘Crypto Six : Bitcoin Is NOT A […]

We'll be streaming another episode of Freedom Decrypted at 5PM eastern. Tune in and catch the raid of the Bitcoin Embassy that occurred in Keene NH last week. We also now have "Free the Crypto 6 Bitcoin is not a crime!" fundraiser t-shirts. 100% of the money will be going to fund the recovery efforts and legal defense of those arrested in this unconscionable political attack on freedom activists. top right click Crypto6 link for t-shirt. Show at

As promised a higher quality version of the FBI raid on Free Talk Live's studies over Bitcoin has been posted to IPFS. This edition is more complete, had its audio fixed, and is properly edited. Please support as this case will likely determine once and for all whether crypto is a currency or an asset. It will impact every user. Unlike others arrested over Bitcoin these are activists ready to do battle with a real plan. Bitcoin is NOT a crime.

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In the early morning of Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021, federal and local agents kicked the doors in at the Free Talk Live studio, Bitcoin Embassy NH and Shire Free Church, arresting 6 individuals and confiscated several Bitcoin ATMs, computers and other personal items. #FreeCrypto6

Liars. The guns seized were a tenant and secured in a private apartment with a deadbolt on the door.

The child porn never existed and the prior FBI raid was in retaliation for a co-host Mark Edge criticizing the FBI in the Playpen case for DISTRIBUTING child porn on FTL while simultaneously claiming child porn hurts children. If both are true then the FBI was hurting children.

The Free State Project has NOT dissociated with Ian. A board of six people of FSP INC have.

FBI raid of Freedom Decrypted co-host & nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live 'Nobody' co-host's home photo over crypto and freedom activism. Bitcoin is NOT a crime. Donate to help us raise funds for the crypto 6 to rebuild the studio, replace equipment, and build a legal defense fund.

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