Just a reminder of just how far GNU/Linux has come. It really dominates the world. Just happened across a credit card terminal at the airport which was rebooted. While it is no surprise here it isn't that often I encounter systems so pronounced in advertising they are running the OS nor on seeing a device rebooted.

In all the years that I've been going to the South East GNU/Linux Fest I have never actually taken advantage of the really awesome amenities of the hotel it is held at (and I stay). But this is an indoor outdoor pool. Very cool architecture.

Show Thirty Nine
Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted weekly tech show for prickly people. In the News: India to start jailing cryptocurrency users? :: Police coercing passwords by threatening violence and jail time for invoking right to not self-incriminate ::  Handshake revolutionizing the DNS system through decentralization and the blockchain :: Bowing to lefties, YouTube attacks conservatives […]

Freedom Decrypted is about to go live! Give us a call and join the conversation: 1-866-703-2989. Starts at 5PM eastern. Everyone who is into tech and freedom should watch this show. The show streams live from our web site at freedomdecrypted.com

Are you ready for Forkfest? We are! Check out the awesome new banner that Johnson Rice put together for us to hang on our canopy tent at Forkfest. If you need graphics work check out

Golden hour graphics.com

Are you in the market for a new laptop? Check out ThinkPenguin T2, a model with optional desktop or low power t-series CPUs, a 15.6 inch matte screen, and up to 32GB DDR4:


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Have you heard that there is now a fifth episode of the legendary Doom released by John Romero? Not a remake but an actual continuation of the original game using original assets and engine? Find out how to install this classic on GNU/Linux with the Sigil mod on the next episode Freedom Decrypted. If you can't wait we have posted the video here: freedomdecrypted.com/public_ht and written directions here: thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/pla

Show Thirty Eight
Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted weekly tech show for prickly people. In the News: Advanced Linux backdoor found in the wild escaped AV detection, Tor Exit Node Operator Dodges Bullet in Piracy Lawsuit, Bell Wants Canada to Criminalize Pirate Streaming Services, DIY Facial Recognition for Porn Is a Dystopian Disaster, Chrome to limit full […]

Get ready... Freedom Decrypted is about to go live in less than an hour... Come watch the show live at 5pm eastern. Call in about any tech or freedom subjects that you like. https://freedom decrypted.com

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Show Thirty Seven
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics Covered: Feds Dismantled the Dark-Web, But Not Really :: Court Rules Redditor Allowed to Remain Anonymous :: Hypocritical Gov Charges WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange With Violating Espionage Act Despite Not Being In US Nor Citizen While Threatening Press Freedom :: AT&T Will Now Accept […]

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Little old Keene NH was really happening today.

Show Thirty Six
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: South Korean government planning Linux migration :: Yes, Bitcoin is Back, Again: hits $8,000 :: Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo :: Man fined £90 under the catch all guise of ‘disorderly conduct’ for refusing police public facial recognition on street :: […]

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Well, it took 15 years and a lot of phone calls to program directors, but Free Talk Live has finally made it to 200 radio affiliates! Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far.


Show Thirty Five
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: Police Target News Site for Reporting on Dark Web :: States Abusing Drivers License Photos For Facial Recognition Program :: Digital Right to Repair Laws Not So Hot :: PayPal to Charge Refund Tax :: Trump Imposes 25% Tax and Says He's In No Rush to Solve China Trade War :: You've Heard of Traffic Court, Well, Get Ready for Copyright Court :: DuckDuckGo Pushing New Violent Thugish Do-Not-Track Law :: Pate

Freedom Decrypted, that tech show with a freedom slant is going live in 3 2 1.. 5:00 PM eastern. https://freedom decrypted.com/ We'll be covering the latest proposal to ban Bitcoin by a congress critter and Trumps 25% nationwide tax that went into effect Friday. And much more.

Breaking news: Co-host denied entry to Japan. Apparently paying ones debt to society and being released from prison means nothing in Japan. Despite a youthful error and having paid the price Mark Edge of Free Talk Live (a major syndicated radio show I also co-host) has been rejected entry into the country despite having been released over 20 years ago- for a crime not of his choosing. Unfortunate circumstances.

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