"I think it is extremely disturbing that Twitter is taking down tweets that merely have links to news articles in them"

And people still think copyright is a good thing? You can not have a legitimate democracy when a small elite get to dictate speech. There was no due process here nor court order. Censorship should be prohibited no matter how distasteful or undermining of another's interest it is. I do not want another Holocaust.

@mr_penguin DMCA takedowns don't demonstrate the illegitimacy of copyright any more than lynchings demonstrate the illegitimacy of punishing violent crime. The problem is twofold: (1) a law in which the accused is presumed guilty and (2) Twitter's inclination to take down tweets arbitrarily.

"Democracy" shouldn't be the issue. The majority has no more of a right to dictate speech than a small elite has.


I'm trying to wrap my head around your response. It was not an argument about the legitimacy of copyright nor the DMCA. Rather these things undermine the legitimacy to whatever degree a democracy can be said to be legitimate.

I would not necessarily argue the majority make something legitimate, but that is the argument as I recall it taught in public schools. It is also based around freedom and speech. Copyright therefore or the DMCA being used undermines the argument.


And you are right about it the majority having no more right to dictate than the minority. The story I was reverencing has to do with the DMCA being used by private interests to control the speech of others.

@mr_penguin I agree on that point. I think you expressed yourself more clearly this time around. Thanks.

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