@Marbleturtle can you send me a list of all the shows you and the fam watch on #Hulu? I want to buy them so we can transition away from #Hulu.

@Nobody You're not wrong. I've actually started using #RarBG because it seems like the only way to reliably download equivalent copies of the #BluRay and #iTunes media I own.

But I feel like it's only ethical for me to download something if I've already paid for it, since I'm not stealing it.

@realcaseyrollins @Nobody intellectual property is an artifical creation of the State. It does not exist. In order for you to be stealing something it would mean that whom you stole it from no longer owns it. P2p isn't stealing, which is wrong, it's sharing which is good

@Nobody @realcaseyrollins

This is why I tip people and projects where I value the effort ...IP is mostly BS. Outside of maybe some sort of limited trademark anyhow and even this is only to protect the public from fraud.

@mr_penguin @Nobody @realcaseyrollins and we don't need trademark law for that, existing fraud law is sufficient.
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