Ballad of the Crypto 6 is a documentary aimed at telling the jarring story of abuse the FBI performed on @ftl hosts, and friends. If you'd like this documentary to see the light of day, become a backer on the official Indiegogo campaign and be rewarded many cool perks

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@FTL_Ian @bonnie @medge @aria @AriaDiMezzo @Nobody @MattRoach

@balladofthecrypto6 @ftl @FTL_Ian @bonnie @medge @aria @AriaDiMezzo @Nobody @MattRoach

The teaser trailer is amazing ! I can't wait for the full length documentary. While the story is unique and the documentary a worthy watch it's just another example and reminder of corruption in DC. For real freedom to be achieved we need to both continue the migration that is the Free State Project and continue our push for New Hampshire independence.

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