Just voted for two of the Crypto6. Not even cage time can prevent these two from running for office. Support the crypto6 at thecrypto6.com

Great fest! The government goons are trying as hard as they may to keep Ian Freeman and Mr Nobody caged, even having gone so far as to stop Ian from maintaining court ordered employment, doing Free Talk Live at the Porcupine Freedom Festival and Forkfest, aranged prior to the FBI raid, but that doesn't stop a determined community. As Ian's probation officer (?pre-conviction?) refused to allow Ian to attend these events we brought the events to him.

Forkfest is happening! We recorded an interesting tech talk yesterday on privacy and security that I'll be publishing on Freedom Decrypted shortly. No show today- as the show is preempted by Forkfest- the premier freedom festival for those interested in the largest political migration for liberty and freedom of our time.


It's not too late to join thousands of libertarians, anarchists, and voluntarists in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire. Join me and other like minded individuals at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, NH for forkfest! The leading liberty festival of the year where there is no central organization and no one is in charge. There isn't even an official name or date for the event. Check out forkfest.party for info and general consensus of the dates. Forkfest largely ends July 4th.

Moving to the shire for greater freedom was the best decision of my life 2nd to my partner. Pho Keene Crypto! ie Today's crypto meet up was at Pho Keene Great! One of dozens of places in the area that take crypto not including places and businesses that don't have some sort of brick and mortar front. Thanks to all those who came before including participants in the Free State Project. ie A migration movement focused on gaining enough liberty minded people in one place to achieve actual freedom.

FBI raid of Freedom Decrypted co-host & nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live 'Nobody' co-host's home photo over crypto and freedom activism. Bitcoin is NOT a crime. Donate to help us raise funds for the crypto 6 to rebuild the studio, replace equipment, and build a legal defense fund. TheCrypto6.com

Kick ass New Years party! This wouldn't have happened if not for the draconian and excess abuse of our freedom.

If you lived in the Keene this could be you! Had an appointment @ the best dentist ever. He took my crypto no problemo and he advertises it. Now I'm picking up lunch and paying in crypto too. I've been paid in crypto multiple times this week by locals and spent crypto locally every day. None of it even includes business transactions. Do you want to live some place you can be free? Join me and other like minded individuals in the shire! It'll take more than a few thousand to claw back the state.

Great market day turn out in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. Crypto, drugs, guns, and orgies galore. This is what New Hampshire is turning into! Ohh the horror.

Silver Dave's amazing dinner! At forkfest, rogers campground, Lancaster, NH

The end of the porcupine freedom festival and the beginning of forkfest! OK OK the continuation of forkfest!

My dad fought for freedom in a war. I fight in a new war. The coronavirus will kill a lot of people, but if nobody fights on the opposing side our freedoms will be lost. When you give good advice on social distancing you help to stop its spread. When you use violence to curtail the peoples freedom under the guise of safety (ie orders) I and many others will step up to the plate and risk infection and possible death to undermine you. 12:01 PM mini protest of NH governors cornoavirus orders.

We may not have hit the legal threshold of 50 people in NH, but for our little old Keene NH crypto meetup today march 22nd, we have managed one heck of a good turnout in protest of the safety over freedom mentality. We have taken a stand for freedom. If you ever wanted to be part of a group who valued freedom over risk to life and limb then you should migrate to New Hampshire. The state caused this. If you are upset be upset at the state.

Well, it's sad to think this may just have been our last crypto meetup in all of New Hampshire for quite some time to come unless some Free Staters get together and perform a 51% attack against the state with some coronas in hand and some facemasks anyway.

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