Happy 420! Nobody and I are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the 420 rallies in NH. This live edition will be starting an hour late today. So tune in at 6pm ET.

Most awesome crypto breakfast ! Don't you wish you lived in Keene, NH?

This might be an old bumper sticker, but its still a great slogan for a lawyer! (Seth Hipple is my lawyer, though I just noticed this on a friends door)

Forkfest.party banner @ Porkfest pimping next years event! Forkfest was wildly successful this year with conservative estimates 5x last years estimated turn out. Some are even calling next year the year of the flippening. That is the implication that Forkfest may beat Porkfest in terms of turn out.

Just a reminder of just how far GNU/Linux has come. It really dominates the world. Just happened across a credit card terminal at the airport which was rebooted. While it is no surprise here it isn't that often I encounter systems so pronounced in advertising they are running the OS nor on seeing a device rebooted.

In all the years that I've been going to the South East GNU/Linux Fest I have never actually taken advantage of the really awesome amenities of the hotel it is held at (and I stay). But this is an indoor outdoor pool. Very cool architecture.

Are you ready for Forkfest? We are! Check out the awesome new banner that Johnson Rice put together for us to hang on our canopy tent at Forkfest. If you need graphics work check out

Golden hour graphics.com

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Little old Keene NH was really happening today.

Listen in to our next episode of Freedom Decrypted and find out what people think of coinstars new bitcoin machines being rolled out at thousands of stores. Good, bad or some combination of both? freedomdecrypted.com

Why would BitCoin be responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents thereof?

Breaking news: Jullian Assanage Arrested! Glad My Support For Julian Assange And Wearing A Wikileaks T-Shirt While Traveling Through Anti-free Speech UK London Heathrow Airport Back in January of This Year Didn't Get Me Arrested.

Best talk and Copyleft Conf! Complete corresponding source code talk. LibreCMC disk make demo. Given by Bob Call

I think some may find this hilarious. I just went through Heathrow airport in London with my wikileaks T-shirt on. Ya know the guy behind it is held up in the Ecuadorian embassy still.

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