Support freedom every day! This summer I created dirty fiat grudgingly accepted, cryptocurrencies and goldback preferred stickers for the freedom minded attending the Free State Project's annual summer festival: The Porcupine Freedom Festival & the more decentalized Forkfest. Well, thanks to Bill we now have an even more awesome mini wooden version of the sticker.

Activists hander out Foundation for New Hampshire Independence flyers at a festival in Manchester this week and had lots of great conversations on why it is time to declare independence! I mean who wouldn't want to divorce their abusive "partner" in Washington DC?

Another great Forkfest @ the Free Talk Live remote studio! Thanks to Captain Kickass for putting on a great event.

Rogers Campground has mini golf! Who knew! And people thought Forkfest wasn't family friendly. Today a dozen of us Forkfesters turned out for the first ever annual mini-golf sports thingy (hey- I may have won, but I'm still not athletic nor do I follow or understand any of this sportsball stuff). That said everyone had a blast. Warning: Libertarians have a different understanding of family friendly. If you object to nudity, alcohol, unpopular speech, or other non-violent stuff please stay away.

More pictures from Forkfest! Great turn out and fantastic day. Many of us went to Ian Freeman's hearing and tonight there is a fire going. This is just a small sample of some of the goings on at Forkfest. This morning I bought breakfast with goldbacks! A form of money made from real gold on the form of a bill.

Court room sketches thanks to Joa from Ian's ankle bracelet removal hearing (of the Crypto6). The good news is that the hearing went really well. The judge didn't buy any of the BS the prosecutor had to say about Ian being a flight risk or their alluding to people he knows evading justice by fleeing the country. In fact the prosecution refused to provide any evidence of anyone fleeing the US and couldn't pin point a single crypto wallet they supposedly know he has and is 'withholding' info on.

Those of us at Forkfest @ Rogers Campground in the white mountains of New Hampshire are having a blast! Why aren't you here with us? Kids are playing in the pool & on the playground. Adults are having entertaining conversations, good food, and tonight there is a bit of a party going at the NHexit & Free Talk Live & Forkfest sites. If you are here come on over and join us! We're near Wormtown which is a vendor near the entrance of the park.

Forkfest has officially begun! If you missed the Porcupine Freedom Festival don't worry! It's not too late to come up for Forkfest. Forkfest is the more decentralized no-on-is-in control variant held at Rogers Campground this week. It's not too late to join us:

Freedom Decrypted Podcast @ the Porcupine Freedom Festival & ! We brought How To Crypto & How To Matrix cards as well as free software wireless routers. We setup a mesh wireless network throughout the campground using these little beasts of a router and have promoted peer-to-peer briar messaging app as well as bofang radios for more decentralized communications @ the fest's. Its not too late to come up at least to Forkfest happening next week:

Ian Freeman gave a talk on the Crypto6 case today with a great history interwoven as to how Free Talk Live got off the ground and the early years of the Free State Project. The communities first encounter with the FBI, and how one man has been focused on taking out the Free State Project for a over a decade (mostly failing of course since no one here is violent like the FBI is). Learn more at and Ian's amazing speech eventually should be posted at

If this the last one didn't do it for you and this one doesn't do it for you, chances are your a dirty fed.

What is wrong with you people! Not in New Hampshire yet? This place is amazing in so many ways.

This is what makes New Hampshire awesome. We have thousands of people moving to the state to achieve liberty and freedom! We aren't just talking about it, but doing it. Even after a half dozen arrests, a decade of FBI attacking liberty, raids in 2021 on Free Talk Live, the Shire Free Church, & KYC free crypto we still have lots of people standing up to the feds. The FBI can take out a few, but they can't win the war. This is the 2nd year post FBI raids that we have had KYC free vending machines.

The NHexit panel was excellent! We may have some video clips at some point. Conclusion of panel: its time for an independent New Hampshire!

Are you a liberty minded person? Then you'll want to check this out. Don't just accept crypto, tell your customers you prefer crypto & gold even if you grudgingly accept dirty fiat with a a new "Bitcoin Accepted" sticker! Available at the NHexit tent @ the Porcupine Freedom Festival and Forkfest.

New Quick PC Setup & User Guide now available! (When was the last time you got a manual with your PC? Probably been a while as these things are practically extinct, but super helpful to new GNU/Linux users). We now have a variant for both laptops and desktops.

This is it guys! Two weeks left until the Porcupine Freedom Festival & Forkfest. I plan to have a booth / canopy tent with tech stuff like "de-googled" phones running Lineage OS & GrapheneOS, as well as old-school Bofang radios available. We will also have Free The Crypto6 t-shirts, NHexit t-shirts, NHexit bumper stickers, and likely other interesting stuff I haven't even thought of yet. Ohh and for anyone into crypto & goldbacks new crypto /goldback "accepted here" stickers with a funny twist.

Did you know that there are other like-minded individuals like yourself that have cone together from around the world and migrated to a small geographical region known as the shire (New Hampshire in statist terms)? If not you should visit the shire this summer and come check out what its like to live among freedom minded individuals! Join us at Rogers Campground this June. If you move to Keene you can join for events every week! Tonight is nightcap w/ crypto bought pizza.

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