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Support freedom every day! This summer I created dirty fiat grudgingly accepted, cryptocurrencies and goldback preferred stickers for the freedom minded attending the Free State Project's annual summer festival: The Porcupine Freedom Festival & the more decentalized Forkfest. Well, thanks to Bill we now have an even more awesome mini wooden version of the sticker.

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You never know if the cop walking up to you is a high strung, trigger-happy psychopath who will shoot you point-blank for no reason except whatever insane thoughts are going through his mind.

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Free Talk Live is now on Rumble, but we don't have enough subscribers to live stream yet. Would you mind subscribing to our new channel here, please?


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Ian was interviewed this morning on KTALK 1640 in Salt Lake City about the Free State Project, #NHexit, and alternative currencies like @NHGoldback!

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On this day 37 years ago Richard Stallman incorporated the Free Software Foundation with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to acting as fiscal sponsor for the GNU Project, a lot of the FSF's work has been to educate people about their rights. The FSF is an organization with a strong history of achievement, and I'm proud of what they've accomplished during these last 37 years. Happy Birthday, @fsf

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There seems to be a misunderstanding, while Ballad of the Crypto 6 documentary is in touch with
@ftl the project and fundraiser are completely independent. If you choose to back us, you are supporting an independent group of filmmakers

@medge @FTL_Ian @bonnie
@aria @mr_penguin

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@pressnhnow found not guilty on all counts, after robed man lectured him about how he should "respect" their shitty system and its goons.

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Charlestown police chief says he arrested @pressnhnow for "inciting" people to call his department, a supposedly "public" service with a publicly listed phone number. So they are saying people calling them is a crime, if they don't like them.

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This bureaucrat is a police dispatcher who refused to identify herself to @pressnhnow during his live stream and then got upset because people called her to ask her her name and tell her how they feel about the corrupt cops in Charlestown

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We are but a mere 2 months away from @FTL_Ian taking the FBI to court, challenging their accusations and charges against the Crypto 6, that seem to be aimed at intimidating law abiding, peaceful citizens from engaging in the use of crypto currencies instead of the dollar.

Please show your support, and if you want to experience this story as a documentary from the perspective of the victims, please become a backer at

Every little bit of support counts

@bonnie @medge @aria @mr_penguin

#crypto #crypto6 #FTL #fbi

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New Hampshire Independence Political Action Committee -

New Hampshire Secession -

FB group - -

Liberty Block -

Foundation for NH Independence -

Free E-book from Tom Woods -

Podcast -

MeWe group: -

Twitter handle -

T-shirts -

Telegram - NHexit -

Shire Society NHexit subforum -

Town Hall Sundays at 1pm -

Blueprint for Liberty -

Calendar -

Instagram -

NH Debt Clock -

(see Ridley odysee channel)
Youtube channel -
NoAgendaTube -

Gab -

French site with great links -

Americans United for Peaceful Separation -

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1st NH Independence Summit for legislators and supports
Friday October 7th, 4pm
445 South Stark Highway, Weare, NH
“Death is not the worst of evils”
An Appeal to Heaven
Strategy session starts after 7pm hosted by Matt C and the NH Independence PAC
NH Independence supports, FSP fall weekend visitors, and locals are welcome
Pot Luck with outdoor grill available
Small, nicely furnished barn will house our group in rain and as it grows dark
NHIPAC will supply hotdogs
Contact the host Brian Becker at or Russell Kanning for details or updates

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The folks on the #Trisquel forum are celebrating the 39th anniversary of GNU. Oh, and check out the awesome picture of a cake by @jxself Go to to join the conversation! #GNUAnniversary #GNU #HappyHacking #HackingCake #HackerCake

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